Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Something is trying to kill me...

This has been a hard two weeks. Last week I got a migraine that would not go away. Well Friday I was sitting at work playing with the girls(remember I am a special needs nanny) and I realized I was freezing. Which was really odd because it was 75 degrees outside and the house shouldn't be cold. I still had my migraine but that was normal for them to last for days. I decided to take my tempature and realized that it was 100 and I checked it an hour later and it was 103. After that it all went down hill. I got really sick and couldn't even stand up. The doctor gave me antibiotic 2000mg a day to be exact. I took them for four days until I woke up with a huge rash and feeling worse than ever! Yep I am allergic to all 2000mg of those antibiotics.

Today I feel a little better, I am at least able to sit up. So I am on day five of feeling awful and can't wait to get out of this stupid bed. So if you could pray that I get over this stupid thing soon.


  1. Thinking of you Angela, feel better soon and hang in there!

  2. (((()))) I hope hope hope that you are feeling better...