Thursday, September 30, 2010

okay so I fell off the earth, okay not really

Sorry it has been forever since I wrote in this thing...things kind of get a bit crazy around here. so I will try to catch you all up in one blog with out boring you all to death.

lets see where to start...went back to college. Good idea? not so sure. I have been considering it for for a long time and I just felt like I wasn't getting any younger and I was tired of living pay check to pay check. The one thing I have always wanted to do is help kids with disabilities like mine. So I am working on becoming an Occupational Therapist Assistant. Due to my disability learning does not always come easy to me, this sometime makes school a little frustrating for me and sometimes I think I frustrate my teachers. I almost wish I had more supportive teachers, I don't think they like having the "disabled student" in their classes. Honestly I think they think I am not going to make it through the program and that I will make an awful OTA. But they don't understand how much I really want to help kids and how much I want to celebrate the little moments with them when they get to learn little things like tieing their shoes, how to jump, etc.... I can do this. Its my dream and I want people to realize just because we have CP doesn't mean we don't have dreams even though some of CP kid's don't talk they have dreams to!!! They need someone to believe in them and I will be that person.

okay next subject....CP update...stupid disease :)
So tired of hearing doctors say well your disease has no cure....blah blah blah! To which I would like to scream "Yeah well find ONE!" So I have been having issues with my hands now that I have been using them more in school with writing and typing. So the pain sucks right now and trying to figure out some solutions for that right now. On a brighter side I found a new neurologist that treats adult CP patients in CO. She is suppose to be one of the best in the United States. So hopefully she can help with seizures and all that fun stuff. That appointment is on the 20th so I will keep you posted.

In other brother and his fiance are expecting a boy in February. Very excited to be an auntie again. My friend Sheri had surgery please pray that she has a speedy recovery.

Sending love and hugs your way,