Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yay! for spring time!

As you can tell from me writting this..I survived that horrible flu infection killing virus thing. It took me almost two weeks but I did it :). We are still not sure exactly what it was or I came in contact with it, but I don't ever want it again please.

Here in CO, the weather has been fairly nice. Mostly 60's and 70's. Except for the snow on monday but that was only like an inch and it was gone by the next day. I am in love with sunshine and being outside. So is my dog who loves for me to run when I need her to come in every morning.

Still waiting for insurance to approve my night brace and without my doc doesn't want to order my AFO's. Did I mention how much I hate insurance companies? Hopefully I will here something this week. For now I just wear my temporary brace on my left foot because it is the worst of the two.

I registered for school in the summer, just waiting to see if I can start in may, all depends if financial aide is going to be approved.

Hope all is well with everyone :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Something is trying to kill me...

This has been a hard two weeks. Last week I got a migraine that would not go away. Well Friday I was sitting at work playing with the girls(remember I am a special needs nanny) and I realized I was freezing. Which was really odd because it was 75 degrees outside and the house shouldn't be cold. I still had my migraine but that was normal for them to last for days. I decided to take my tempature and realized that it was 100 and I checked it an hour later and it was 103. After that it all went down hill. I got really sick and couldn't even stand up. The doctor gave me antibiotic 2000mg a day to be exact. I took them for four days until I woke up with a huge rash and feeling worse than ever! Yep I am allergic to all 2000mg of those antibiotics.

Today I feel a little better, I am at least able to sit up. So I am on day five of feeling awful and can't wait to get out of this stupid bed. So if you could pray that I get over this stupid thing soon.