Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One of my big dreams...maybe too big

Getting ready to go back to school, which got pushed back until August because of financial aide issues. I am super excited to be back in a learning enviroment and actually feel like I am heading in a positive direction.

My big dream is to open my own daycare that is more geared or equipt to deal with special needs children.I have worked in several daycares in the past and it always frustrated me to have families come in with special needs children and I knew that the daycare really wasn;t the right place for them. None of the staff other than me had dealt with special needs, changing tables were to high to lift children of that weight, no handicap bathrooms, I could go on and on. Most special needs kids only lasted a couple of weeks in every daycare. My dream is to fix all these problems and to have a place that is safe and nurtures tha needs of each child that comes through the door. I also think that typical children will also benefit from a place that focus on the needs of each child rather than just trying to fit every child into a mold.
So that is my big dream..not sure how I will get there or how long it will take, but I am going to try.

In other news...there is a huge hail storm out side...its super cool!