Monday, February 21, 2011

The Girl Who Stopped Swimming -book review

I have always been a huge lover of books, lately I have started to enjoy this love again. Thanks to a friend I meet through her blog she shares all her favorite books with me, so I add them to my library list. The first book I added to my list was "The Girl That Stopped Swimming."

This was a great book with lots twists and turns to keep me interested. It is about a Lady named Laurel who lives with her husband and daughter in a quiet town. One day her a young girl is found dead in their swimming pool. This situation soon sends Laurels world into a tail spin. She chooses to contact her sister for help and in the process tests her marriage and brings to the services some long buried family secrets.

I think this book needs to be added to everyone's library list.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Coming clean...I am a complete jerk!

So last week after I wrote my post I just had a totally bad feeling. I call these "my way me" feelings. I try not to get them a lot but after talking to the doctors and PT, I was just kind of down. So this is where the why me feeling come in. Why do I have to have CP? Why can't I be a normal 26 year old? Why do I have to wear these braces for the rest of my life? and so on.. See I am a jerk, I know there are so many people who have it way worse than me and that I should be glad that I can even walk. See I feel bad even saying it. Basically I am sorry for my lame mood and poor thinking.

I went to my second PT appointment on Thursday. We worked on my hips and we talked about how my hip joints are shallow therefore not holding my hips in place. She heard them popping in and out and I explained to her that this was a regular accurence. For now I am going to do some hip excercises and keep an eye on things. I am going to get fitted for the night splint next week, the bad thing is my insurance doesn't cover it. I have no clue how I am going to pay for the thing. I was suppose to get one for each foot, but I still have a little movement in the right foot, so I think I am just going to get one for the left foot that has no movement for right now, since I don't think there is anyway I would ever be able to come up with the money for two. The Ankle and Foot orthodics that I will have to wear forever I get in a couple of months and hopefully insurance will cover those.

I will write a book review for you guys this weekend, so stay tuned for that.

Monday, February 7, 2011

First day of PT

Wow today was a long day. Good is that I really like my new Physical Therapist. Her name is Renee and she is around my age. She was super nice and didn't take everything so seriously. Which helps me because CP sucks it is as simple as that, so I need someone that is able to laugh and be as excited for my little accomplishments, and I think she is perfect for that.

So her idea so far is that I will do a lot of excercises. I will also wear a brace on both feet while I sleep and then I will have braces inside my shoes all the time that will stabalize my ankles. Hopefully this will make me stop falling so much.

My doctor wanted to take me over seizure meds for a little while, since I have not seizure for a while. I went without it for two weeks. Results - seizures return and the pressure in my head is lot more noticable. I am going to start taking it again, because I think it does me more harm to be off of it.

I am reading a new book that I love so I am off to read more...Hope everyone had a good monday :)