Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First week down

Oh my gosh...Christmas is in like 3 days! Did I mention I am not done shopping? I know, I know..its totally my fault. I always wait until the last minute.

I got through the first week of my new job. It was a lot to learn, but such a joy to do. Alex is a great little girl. Her happiness is contagious. Seeing her learn even the little things makes me so happy. Her little sister Ryan is still in the eat and sleep stage of life, gotta admit I am kind of jealous :) .

I still do a little work for the old family I worked for, so it is great to still get to see them and be a part of their family. Plus I got an awesome Christmas bonus..which is always nice.

Can't wait to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas with my family. I am majorly missing my family members that have passed on...I hope Christmas in Heaven is magical for them too.

Next week: I have two appointments. Tuesday is my first injections of botox in my legs. Still a little scared about this, but we will see. Thursday I will meet my new Physical Therapist and have our first session.

Just because everyone else gets to show off their adorable kids...I am going to show off mine :P ::drum roll please::

Meet my baby girl....Hope! She is my 3 year old Albino Boxer...Yes she is cuddling with a stuffed elephant. Spoiled is her middle name.
Hope and I send you love and hugs this holiday season!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

yum...Pumpkin Pie ice cream :)

Okay so the title has nothing to do with my post, but I really want some Pumpkin Pie ice cream. LOL. Have you ever tried it?? If not, you should.

Guess what?? I got the job!! Yay! Does happy dance! I will be watching Alex who has Spinal Bifidia. She is two years old and is a super cute girl. I will also watch her baby sister Ryan who 3 months old. I am excited to start on Wednesday. The family seems great and was really accepting of the fact that I have CP (unlike other families who would not hire me) and saw it as a good thing because I could relate to their daughter. My disability doesn't affect my ability to care for kids, and anything I have trouble with I just adapt it to make it easier for me. I love working with children (typical or non-typical children) and watching them because the best to their abilities. Ever child deserves to have someone who believes in them and I believe in every child I meet (or read about on a blog :) ).

I finally started my Christmas shopping today. I know, I really need to stop waiting until the last minute for this stuff, but I also need to win the lottery for this stuff. No one is really going to get big gifts from me this year because I just don't have the money for it. Medical bills have just drained me this year. I just want to spend the holiday with my mom and my friends. Thats all I need.

I went to my neurology appointment. Always an eventful trip to say the least. First we talked about how the Baclofen really doesn't seem to be doing what it could be for the spacisity. So she gave me a new drug...I can't think of what it is called right now, if you would like to know, just ask and I will look at the bottle for ya. She also thinks that it is time to do Botox injections in my calfs. She knew I was not found of Botox and it is something we have been going back and fourth on for months, but she thinks we are running out of options. The problem is I either walk on the side of my feet or my feet turn all the way in to the center. This is painful and causes me to fall a lot. Its attractive to try and find a boyfriend with bruises all over your body and falling all the time haha :) . She also wants me to go to a PT that specializes in neurological damage. I am just a mess I guess.

I am checking out a few options for school, so I know if I am making the right decision when it comes time to decide whether I want to continue on with the program I am in or not.

Oh and Bree...I sat outside and a few answers I needed...thanks <3

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Failure...opening other doors?

Been going to school since April to become an OTA has had its ups and downs. Classes have been super hard at some times. The hardest being Anatomy 2. I tried my hardest to make it through it this semester but didn't make it. I ended up with a 75% and needed a 77% to pass. Damn it (excuse my language, but I was so close)!! In my school if you don't pass a class you have to wait for the next group of classes to come through before you can take it again. So basically I have to wait at least six months to go back to school, to take Anatomy 2 again and then I have to join a whole other class to finish out my program. Boo on all sides LOL! I will miss my friends the most, I had a really supportive class this time around and will totally miss seeing them everyday.

Now I am not sure what I am going to do, as six months is a long time away and I live my life one day at a time. Right now I am searching for a new job and that is my priority right now. I have a job interview tomorrow for a nanny job with a special needs child so wish me luck.

As if I will go back to school? maybe, maybe not. Never know what life has in store for me, but I am willing to hold my head high and take things as they come.

I have a neurologist appointment tomorrow...I will also let ya know how that goes lol.