Saturday, January 29, 2011 do you re-train a brain you have had for 26 years?

I went to my neurologist yesterday to check on the results of the first Botox injections. I saw results the first couple weeks, but wasn't quite sure I was seeing a difference from then on. The Dr. says she sees a difference especially in the right leg and foot. My left foot has always been worse so she sees a difference but not as significant. I felt good that it seems like we are heading in the right direction, that is until I got the bill in the mail. Every time I get injections (every three month) it will cost me 500 dollars which is with insurance. Ouch!! I am a nanny, I don't make that kind of money! So I am not sure what I am going to do yet.

Our next step is doing extensive PT. The doctor says that my body can no longer handle the way I walk. I hardly put my heels down, walk on the sides of my feet, and do not make smooth transitions from one leg to another. So the PT is going to teach me how to walk correctly and retrain my brain to do things correctly instead of just adapting to what my disability allows me to do.

I am a little afraid of all of this and just a little down because walking seems so easy for everyone and it just isn't for me. But I will figure it out and then I will be the best walker that I can be :) LOL!


  1. Horray for seeing results with the Botox. I know you were nervous about the injections and what they would do, so it's nice to hear that they helped make some improvements. Not so great about the bill, but I just have to say many of us are familiar with that feeling. Perhaps a fundraiser is in your future :-)

    The extensive PT sounds great. I am sure you will learn so much (and probably work to exhaustion!) during the sessions and it's nice to see such a positive attitude going into it.

    As for walking, well, I can vouch that it's not so easy for everyone given my little Emma is still working on sitting let alone walking! She has shown me just how difficult it is to meet the milestones so man of us take for granted. Just think how sweet it will feel when you get walking the way you want. We're all routing for you!

  2. Brain retraining isn't as hard as you think, as long as you have the right people helping you out.

  3. Sarah- I guess it just seems really hard at first. The 7th is my first PT session with a new person so we will see how it goes :)

  4. I love your last sentence! What a positive outlook!! Praying that a financial blessing comes your way for the botox! It irks me that so many people out here throw money around for cosmetic botox when they could be helping folks like you! I swear the wrong people are rich in this world!

  5. Well-Boo! on the cost. I am sorry for that. I'm happy that there have been results though-that is wonderful news..As for walking-I have absolute and total faith that you will kick some serious butt! I will be thinking of you on Monday..((()))