Monday, January 17, 2011

First cold of the

I am currently still working with two special needs families, which is fun but a little exhausting. Starting this week I cut down to only working with one. Great for my energy level, not so great from my bill payments. We shall see how that all plays out.

Its been almost three weeks since my first injections of botox. I notice a difference the first week and a half, but I am not sure if I see much difference now. I meet with my doctor next friday to see if she sees much difference. I also get to see my PT for my legs next monday, so we will see what he suggests. I am still walking on the sides of my feet and be in a fairly good amount of pain most the time.

I am currently battling a cold....kind of feel like I got hit by a very large truck. Work will be a little hard this week :)

I am working on some new drawings and paintings, maybe I will post pictures on here when I am done...I do it for fun....they are not that great lol!

Hope all is well.


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