Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sunshine and Routines

This week seems to already seem really long. It is Tuesday and I am already ready for Friday. I have been fighting with insurance companies for months trying to get them to at least help pay for some of my medical bills. They keep stating that Cerebral Palsy is a "pre-existing condition". Here is the...it states in their policy that even if you have had the condition before you most be have been aware of it and received medical treatment for it. Cerebral Palsy wasn't even a thought until December of last year. I have had my current insurance since November. Hopefully everything will be straightened out soon because the bills are stacking up.

The sun was actually shinning today. It was beautiful and great to be outdoors. I took the little girl I nanny to the park. She loved going down the slide and swinging in the baby slide. I spoke to my PT and he said the best thing for me to do is to stay active. So I decided the walk to the park and back would do me good. I still have a hard time walking long distances (anything that takes longer that 15 minutes to walk). But I fill like my strength is getting a little better. Hills are still horrible for me, but I did one today.

I have to be honest and say that the routine of my job is getting really old. I am need of a vacation, but money will not allow that anytime soon. Hopefully starting school in April will help because it will change things up a bit and I will be working less.

How is everyone doing?

Love, Live, Laugh

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  1. You might have to use your parents' cobra plan for insurance coverage, or go on disability. Unless your employer gives you insurance then you have a loop hole to get the company to cover your bills. Adults with pre-exsiting conditions won't be able to get indepenant coverage for a few more years.

    You can always try getting a lawyer too. But that's almost spending more money than paying medical bills yourself.