Saturday, March 20, 2010

I wanted an answer...right?

This is probably going to end up being more of a rant then an actual blog but hey it's my writting so I can do what I want LOL.

So after months and months of doctors appointments I get an answer, does it make things better? not exactly. I have Cerebral Palsy. Yep I said it, most people are diagnosed around birth aparently my doctors were idiots and either didn't know or decided my parents didn't need to know. Lovely, Right? Anyway, apparently they think during birth something happened that caused damaged to my brain so I have damage to my central nervous system. This causes my Nerves to not send messages to my muscles, making some movements hard and ackward. This makes sense and explains why I am definatly not like other people. I hold my hands differently, I have a little bit of a speech impairment, I walk on my toes or on the side of my feet...I could go on, but I don't feel like telling all my flaws today.

So where do I go from here...well I started Physical Therapy a couple of weeks ago, its a little weird for me knowing that I am learning how to walk correctly at 25 years old. Did you know writing the alphabet with your feet is actually working all the muscles in your feet? It does, give it a try. I am also on a new medication. So far my body is having a little difficult time adjusting to it, but I was warned that it would take about a month to reach its full benefits. So I will keep you posted.

In other news, I got to see my friend Bryce on Tuesday. His band Kill Paradise played a proud of him. Even though it sucks cause he is never home. I start School on the 19th. I am excited but nervous. I am excited to start learning about Occupational Therapy and starting to help special needs kids.

Hope all is well.


  1. At least you have an answer. It's not THAT bad of an answer either, having lived with it for 25 years myself.

  2. No it's not Sarah, you are right. It just kind of caught me off guard. Ya know?