Sunday, January 17, 2010

me+ doctor = science experiment

So I went to see a neurology specialist...which was good and bad. He seems to think I think what I could have thats causing the numbness and pain in my feet, legs and arms could be any number of things....the bad is that none of the things really have a great outcome. I am holding my breath that it is something treatable and curable.

First course of action is a brain and spine scan scheduled for tomorrow. I am rather terrified of this idea, but have been assured that it is the first step in helping me find out whats wrong. He also put me on meds that are to treat MS or spinal cord injuries. So far I don't see a huge difference in pain but I told him I would try it for a little while. The pain has been getting worse all over including my back now over the last two weeks.

In other news...I am addicted to cupcakes...I eat one everyday for breakfast. Some how I don't think it is really helping my diet but o'well.

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