Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sleep...What is that?!?

My doctor keeps saying I need to sleep more. I keep asking him to help me with that, but nothing seems to help me. I think I sleep at most two hours a night. Sometimes I feel like I do my best thinking at night. Does anyone else think better at night?

I still have no clue what do about insurance. I checked into my Dad's cobra insurance it would cost me 300 a month which I just don't have at the moment, but may just have to figure out. I am not sure I can qualify for disability or even if I want to try. I spoke to the insurance company and they are looking into a few of the claims to see if they can actually cover them now. So everyone cross their fingers please.

Until my insurance is figured out I can no longer go to PT. Which sucks because I need someone to motivate me. Anyone want to send me an email each day yelling at me to do my stretches?? hahahah!!! I am not lazy, just get consumed by life and forget to take care of myself.

18 Days till school starts...getting very nervous

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  1. You might want to find a gym with an exercise physiologist on staff. Insurance won't cover it & it can be pricey but if you find a good place it's practically PT.

    Oh and a doctor told me once that if I'm not doing enough in a day I won't sleep well because my muscles need to work or else they're keep "firing" while I'm trying to sleep. Maybe that's your problem?