Tuesday, October 19, 2010

um...is it friday yet :)

So its been a week since Urijah was born and went to heaven. I think my nephew took a little piece of me when he passed away. His mommy and daddy are very strong and tell his big sister about him daily. Grandma misses him a lot, we talk about him daily in out house. I am afraid I will forget him and that scares me. I hope that never happens.

Tomorrow is my first appointment with my new neurologist for my Cerebral Palsy. I left my last one when he told me I had CP to just give up and deal with it. I am not one to have a pity party but sometimes it really sucks to have CP. I am hoping the new neurologist has ideas to stop my seizures and can help with my muscle pain. We will see...I will keep you posted

My OT has ordered me, my resting arm splints so I will be wearing those when I sleep starting Friday. I laughed and told her it was a good thing I sleep alone, those babies could do some damage if I hit someone in my sleep. LOL! Hopefully they will help my hands straighten out from their lovely fisted position and allow me to write and type easier and longer without pain.

School is getting really hard..We have a test everyday almost and my brain just doesn't process all this information all that quickly. I don't get any assistance for my disability, because I am to prideful as awful as that sounds (picture your 3 year old in that I can do it myself stage...yep I am still in that stage, thank you very much). I am starting to think I might need some extra help or a tutor or a new brain...hell I don't know.

Friday is my day off...so if anyone can make it friday already that would be awesome thanks!

love and hugs,



  1. Angela,

    I am so sorry about the loss of your nephew, this must be an extremely difficult time for you and your family. My thoughts are with all of you. Don't you worry, you will never forget him. Good luck tomorrow!

  2. I hope your arm splints are helping!


  3. I very much understand that 3 year old "I CAN do it" mentality..really I do. sigh..I'm much the same..I can also say things like "hey-if you need som help-get it.." and hope people don't say "pot kettle black to me. " :) I do hope that your hands feel better..:)