Saturday, January 1, 2011

Well hello 2011

Wow where did 2010 go? Not that it was a great year or anything..but it went by super fast. This year I decided to not really make resolutions, but to really just live each day, no wait make that to celebrate each day. I realized this year that I have an amazing family and amazing friends (that includes you blogger friends).

How was everyone's Christmas? Mine was insanely busy, but fantastic none the less.

I had my first botox injections last week. Not to sound like a total wimp...but those thinks hurt LOL! The doctor did three injections on each leg. She said it would take a couple days to go into effect. I am not really sure what I am looking for really. I had to change my PT appointment to this coming Tuesday because we had a snow storm come through Colorado and I didn't feel like driving to it last week. So I am hoping this new PT will help tell me what exactly the botox effects look like.

How was everyone's new years? Do anything fun?

Love and hugs


  1. Right On! I think celebrating life is an excellent motto to live by.

    Love, Bree

    PS: colorado is so close! Let's meet someday!

  2. Yes where did 2010 go??
    Happy new year!

  3. oooh...sorry the injections hurt! :( I hope that they accomplish what it is they are supposed to. Yup-celebrating each moment each day...finding the joy and grabbing hold. Great way to live. New years? This was the first that the boys were allowed to stay up until midnight...they were loopy with tiredness! But it was wonderful...hope yours was as well..and that the rest of the year is fabulous for you!

  4. Botox does look painful. Hope it works how you are expecting it to. Happy New Year... and visits are welcome! We have a great city!