Sunday, December 5, 2010

Failure...opening other doors?

Been going to school since April to become an OTA has had its ups and downs. Classes have been super hard at some times. The hardest being Anatomy 2. I tried my hardest to make it through it this semester but didn't make it. I ended up with a 75% and needed a 77% to pass. Damn it (excuse my language, but I was so close)!! In my school if you don't pass a class you have to wait for the next group of classes to come through before you can take it again. So basically I have to wait at least six months to go back to school, to take Anatomy 2 again and then I have to join a whole other class to finish out my program. Boo on all sides LOL! I will miss my friends the most, I had a really supportive class this time around and will totally miss seeing them everyday.

Now I am not sure what I am going to do, as six months is a long time away and I live my life one day at a time. Right now I am searching for a new job and that is my priority right now. I have a job interview tomorrow for a nanny job with a special needs child so wish me luck.

As if I will go back to school? maybe, maybe not. Never know what life has in store for me, but I am willing to hold my head high and take things as they come.

I have a neurologist appointment tomorrow...I will also let ya know how that goes lol.



  1. oh you are so close.. hope you consider going back. good luck on your neurology appt! blessings from my household to you!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your class, Angela. It's hard when you are so close and don't make it. Keep us posted on your job interview.


  3. I just got caught up on your blog!

    Tricky stuff: trying to figure out school & a career, and taking care of your mom......tricky stuff!

    I bet you are a believer in prayer, no? PRAY! That's what helps me with figuring out the big decisions. I just feel more peaceful and guided. If something doesn't feel right, then I go another direction until it feels right. Make sense? I hope all works out for you. And I hope that you have a very wonderful holiday with your mom. I'm sorry that she is sick. Celebrate each and every little thing. Memories are invaluable!

  4. That's my girl! Hold your head up! <3

  5. Did you get the Nanny Job? I hope so :)

  6. When I was in chiropractic school, I struggled. Some of the classes were hard, and some I just couldn't keep up with on top of caring for my son who had struggles of his own that turned out to be autism. It took me six years to finish, but I made it through. The good part was that I got to be part of several different classes, got to know a lot of people, made more friends than I otherwise would have, and even found some who were able to help me study, share class notes (my backpack with all my notes for the semester was stolen out of my car the week before finals) and also give me pointers on where to focus my efforts in certain classes. I also would have faced some of the same struggles in any field.

    If OTA is a good choice for you, going back to school will be worth it. My brother is a PTA, and he loves it. The bad part of my sticking it out was not that it was difficult or took so long, but that chiropractic is a horrible career choice. Despite what the associations say, chances of gainfu l employment are slim, pay is low (I made more at Wal-Mart) and the field is full of unethical practices. I never should have gone in the first place.